July 11, 2016

Strategy Consulting

    Mahesh Trivedi has empowered hundreds of leaders and executives as a Strengths Coach and Strategic Advisor for more than two decades.
    • Unique Proprietary set of Eight Key Factors to enhance your success with Strengths Based Approach
    • GALLUP® Certified Strengths Coach
    • We focus on individual strength journey in a collaborative relationship

    We offer strategy consulting by mapping the strengths across your organisation and, through ongoing review, we ensure that your staff focus on their individual and combined strengths.

      • Bring clarity on table to accomplish key objectives of your organisation.
      • Develop the strategy, that best suited to your company culture and values.
      • Provide a pathway to focus on strengths.
      • Leverage team strengths with innovation and creative confidence to manage organisation change.
      • Maximise team strengths with creative solutions and collaborative partnerships.
      • Mobilize team strengths to achieve sustained growth.

    Please feel free to enquire more details.