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If you could really change yourself, would you?

We are now at the start of a new financial year – well for those of us living in Australia.

And during this time we may reflect on what the past financial year has been like and what we want to achieve in the year to come.

So, in the past twelve months, what changed? Did you change your habits, your beliefs about yourself, your knowledge, your skills? Or was it all a slightly different rerun of your past?

And what about the coming year? Are you going to repeat the same things?

It is often tempting to say, when we reflect on the past, that “this is who I am, this is what I do and this is how I live”. It is tempting and it is the easy way out.

Change is hard, sometimes nearly impossible but it is possible. Where could you start for a new pattern in 2016?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Understand the real cause as to what you are looking to change. What do you want to change? Why? Like in medicine don’t treat the symptoms. Treat the cause.

2. How could you “show up” differently?

3. How could you think differently of the challenges that come up?

4. What trigger could you use to remind yourself of the challenges to show up differently? (Some example include an automated affirmation, reminder in your calendar, a post it note sitting on your laptop somewhere, or on your bathroom mirror…etc.)

Regardless of what you choose, remember to always look for the cause and be the cause of change yourself.

If you could really change yourself, would you?

Start your week on a positive note as, well said by Jim Rohn

“Motivation is what gets you started.
Habit is what gets you going”
– Jim Rohn

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