July 16, 2016

Live Strengths Based Life

    Strengths Based Approach is founded on over three decades of research by leaders in the field. It is backed by a long term study by the GALLUP organisation of proven success in the US and many other countries.
      Strengths Based Approach uses a methodical system to not only measure individual strengths, but also maps strengths across your organisation and, through ongoing review, ensures staff focus on their strengths.
        Our Difference:
        • Unique Proprietary set of Eight Key Factors to enhance your success with Strengths Based Approach
        • GALLUP® Certified Strengths Coach
        • We focus on individual strength journey in a collaborative relationship
        We recommend to have three:
        • Personal goals
        • Professional goals and
        • Community goals
        We work with your individual goals by mapping top 5 Strengths.
        1. Strengths Finder Assessment:
          • Complete Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment
          • Discover your top 5 signature themes
          • Get the report ready to explore, maximise and mobilise with right strategy
        2. Building and Nurturing Relationship:
          • Increase the hopefulness in strengthening relationships with people, communities and organisation culture.
          • Build a rapport and trust in working by collaborative relationship with others.
        3. Decision is your choice:
          • Encourage people to make their own decisions and informed choices
          • AAA Principle – Awareness, Application and Achievement

        Please feel free to enquire more details.