June 23, 2016



    Mahesh Trivedi is the Principal of Discover Your Strengths coaching and consulting. Mahesh works with individuals from many communities and organisations, to build creative, communicative, and courageous leaders. His workshops teach individuals to explore the depths of self-development, building relationships, and influencing others. This, in turn, helps organizations improve performance and drive productivity. By analysing individual Strengths within a team or organization, Mahesh uses his strategic thinking abilities to identify and optimize on what each member brings to the table – and where potential gaps occur – ultimately increasing productivity, optimising teamwork, improving the overall profitability of a company and creating a culture of innovation. Mahesh has authored a book True Blessings, Live a Spirited Life, a self-help book for anyone to excel and succeed in their life.

    Mahesh’s passion for people with his ‘Includer’ ability to see others’ strengths, and his own talents for helping individuals have inspired him to found the True Blessings Institute Inc. which aims for connection and collaboration between individuals and families to trust and prosper together.

    With his high adaptability and strategic vision, Mahesh sees how an individual, team, or organization’s strengths can be combined for the best possible outcomes. He then enables people to visualize how their unique combinations of natural talents can be coordinated to fit their role in the mission of their organization and sets them on a successful course of action to maximize future engagement, productivity, and profits.

    Mahesh is passionate about creating trusted work environments that encourage people to grow and achieve organisation’s goals and objectives.

    Mahesh has expertise in the coaching program in following areas:

    • Mentoring Individuals for career and personal goals
    • Coaching Managers – Strengths Based Approach
    • Building stronger teams – Incorporating Gallup Strengths
    • Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership training.
    • Building resilient teams and organisations

    Mahesh has over 20 years’ experience in higher education sector. He has expertise in Learning & Development with Strengths based approach by working with many individuals and teams. He is Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and he has provided strategic advice to many executives and leaders. He helps organisations and teams to create a trust and transparency based culture to work by collaboration and understanding and appreciating strengths of individual and collective.

    Please contact for Strengths Coaching and Strategic Consulting by email info@discoveryourstrengths.com.au or phone 0435 939 252.

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